Check-In and Check-out Policy

Parents of participants Kindergarten through 2nd Grade are REQUIRED to stay!!! Participants can check themselves in with their designated coach (which you will find out at Orientation). PARENT'S must check out each participant with each coach upon conclusion of the day.

Each team will have one or two coaches (one leader and an assistant), either coach will then distribute t-shirts to the participants if they registered before the cut off date.

Kids Behavior Policy

We want to everyone to have fun in a safe and friendly environment. The following conduct policies are meant to facilitate this.

  1. No foul language
  2. Refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants or staff
  3. Refrain from damaging equipment, supplies, and facilities
  4. Show respect to participants and staff
  5. Water Bottle must only be used for drinking or dripping over head as needed. Please DO NOT throw water at team mates or coaches. There is a very limited water supply and we need to conserve as much water as we can, especially on many hot days we have throughout the summer.
  6. No taunting or teasing. We encourage kids having trouble with someone in their group to report problems to their coach. If the problem does not get resolved in a reasonable amount of time, please feel free to contact me, Kerri Strauss (either in person, phone, or via email).

Injury Policy

Most coaches are CPR certified. There is a medical table setup, where you or a staff member can provide basic medical assistance. There is an AED on premise (Automated External Defibrillator) and often an off duty EMT available for advise.

Weather Policy

We will only cancel if there are ongoing thundershowers or the air quality is too poor to be outdoors. We do run the program in the rain (modify stations). I will send out an email by 2:00 PM if we are going to cancel. I will also post an announcement on our Facebook group.

If you would like to get information through Facebook, please join our group at:

Refund Policy

Refund requests will be subject to a $5 processing fee. This fee represents the sum of the non-refundable fees that we have to pay. No refunds after the first week.

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